Wouldn’t it be nice to have your costing made easy? Well with FlexiBake, you can! As a business owner, keeping track of your margins is a high priority. Having this process as fast and easy as possible is essential for saving time, so you can spend it elsewhere.

Detailed Costing Reports

One of the best Costing features FlexiBake has to offer is the many detailed reports, which really make costing look easy. There are reports to show you your margins and breakdown of each costing element, ex. raw material costs, packaging – and more! You can pull these reports for Products, as well as Recipes. There are also reports you can pull annually to look at raw material cost fluctuations.

Track Raw Material, Labor and Overhead Costs

Another helpful tool is the ability to track costing from the moment your raw materials arrive, until they are shipped out the door. Not only can you track the costs of materials, but you can also set up things like labor, overhead, and more! Attributing employee wages and labor times to your Recipes and Products will allow you to get a more accurate margin. Throw in a little bit of overhead on top of that and you can really see where you are at. It truly is costing made easy.

Compare Profit Margins

Collecting costing data right from the get-go allows you to compare monthly and yearly margins. Another great benefit is being able to see your best customers or your most profitable products. With this kind if information, you can really start to focus your business to your strengths.

As you can see, FlexiBake is designed for costing made easy. There are tons of helpful tools to guide you into your best and most profitable years yet! If you want to see a demo of our software please contact our sales department today.