The new FDA nutrition facts labels requirements have been finalized and it’s time to ensure that your labels comply. There have been some major changes to the nutrition facts labels, which can be tough to keep up with, so we’ve outlined a few below to get you started.

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The FDA updated the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) values for many nutrients

This is important to keep in mind when looking at the way your nutrition facts labels are being calculated. FlexiBake has tools to automatically update your ingredients and allow you to save time while staying compliant. Read more about FlexiBake’s Nutrition Analysis module:

FDA style nutrition facts labels now require the declaration of added sugars

This point can be slightly complicated because there is a lot of room for confusion. What constitutes an added sugar as compared to a regular sugar? Basically, sugars and syrups that are added to foods or beverages when they are processed or prepared are considered “Added Sugars”. FlexiBake has tools to help you properly manage added sugars whether they are always considered added sugars or only considered an added sugar in particular recipes. To learn more about added sugar requirements, have a look at this link:

Some of the other changes included in the labels

There are some other important changes to FDA nutrition facts labels to keep in mind:

  • The serving sizes are now larger and in bolder type
  • The service size description requirements have been updated
  • The calories must now be displayed in a larger type
  • There have been changes to the nutrients required to be listed along with the amounts declared
  • There is a new footnote

As a disclaimer, this article is to be used as a reference but not relied upon when updating your labels and nutritional analysis. We suggest visiting the FDA website and using the information they’ve made available when making any changes to your packaging. Here is a helpful link: