There is so much advice when it comes to making healthy food choices and undoubtedly the most common piece of advice you will hear is to read nutritional labels on food. Why are these labels, that flew under the radar for so long, suddenly so important?

Why Consumers Need Nutritional labels

Nutritional labels provide the information you need to compare one food product from another. We live in a time where choices between different options are endless. Nowadays when you go to the grocery store for a simple condiment such as ketchup, you are met with at least 12 different options from at least 4 different brands. Among the options you can be sure to find, low sodium ketchup, hot and spicy ketchup, sugar free ketchup and so on. If it weren’t for nutritional labels, how else would we know which ketchup is the healthier option? Food labels help us find the food products that contain the nutritional values you may need by examining the serving size, calories and the percent of recommended daily value. Whether you need to limit or eliminate trans fats, sugars, sodium or you need to add nutrients into your diet, nutritional labels will keep you informed and help to guide you in the right direction for your choice in diet.

Consumer Awareness

Consumer awareness of what goes into food is at an all time high and food labels are specifically designed to provide consumers with a detailed list of exactly what goes into each food product. By taking a closer look at the ingredient list found on the food labels many have discovered a number of additives, preservatives and enhancers in popular foods. Health studies have now linked these synthetic elements to serious health consequences. Food labels also play an important role for consumers who have allergies or serious sensitivities, as it is crucial for them to be aware of exactly what is in their food.

Understanding nutritional labels can help you keep on track with your health goals; as they allow you to compare different product’s nutritional values. Nutritional labels can also help you to find foods that have the nutritional value that you need, by letting you know exactly what is in each product.

As a Manufacturer

As a food manufacturer, what do food nutritional labels mean to you? According to The Effects of Nutrition Knowledge on Food Label Use “nutrition information on food labels could be a cost-effective method of communicating nutritional information to consumers because it appears at the point of sale for most packaged foods.” FlexiBake understands the importance of food nutritional labels and our software allows you to customize your labels however you choose. When you enter the nutritional value of your ingredients you will now have the ability to choose a regulatory agency from your local area automatically.

For manufacturers, communicating with consumers is imperative, so let us here at FlexiBake help to make it a little easier for you by using our software! Request a demonstration today: