The upcoming food trends for 2019 are a direct reflection of consumers being increasingly aware of how and where their food is being made. Take for example bread. The 2019 Topics & Trends Report from Facebook IQ suggests that organic bread is on the rise with inventive baking methods and a different set of ingredients. Ingredients that are certified organic, gluten-free and overall more health conscientious. With these changes on the rise, how can manufacturers be prepared and what other trends can be expected in 2019?

Organic Bread and Bread Products

For years bread has had a bad reputation from health professionals and so consumers have been re-directing their shopping carts to organic bread and organic bread products. Buyers are now more informed than ever about GMO’s, preservatives and other synthetic elements added to food products, like bread. The Organic Bakery Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking – Global Market insights 2017 to 2022 suggests that the “increasing health-consciousness among consumers is driving the demand for organic bakery products.”

What does this shift translate to manufacturers? This appeal for organic bread and bread products from the consumer may push manufacturers to investigate different technologies and baking methods to provide organic products. However, as the manufacturer’s product line expands so does their inventory for both ingredients and baked goods.

As business owners know all too well, if inventory is not managed correctly the consequences can be disastrous. However, ingredient inventory doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful when you use FlexiBake with four essential functions at your fingertips such as; automating purchases from production, minimum stock level notification, mobile bakery inventory counts and forecasting. These practical functions allows manufacturers to meet the demand of organic bread and bread products head-on and deliver on this upcoming food trend in high quantity while maintaining quality.

Managing Food and Packaging Waste

According to The 2019 Nourish Trend Report another trend to lookout for this year is the reduction of food packaging and food waste. This issue is a growing concern with consumers ready and eager to do their part in limiting waste. What role do manufacturers play and how can FlexiBake help? With waste at an all time high “manufacturers will need to start treating food waste as an asset and not as a liability”.

FlexiBake allows manufacturers to organize their production from start to finish as it offers a variety of reports which helps maintain quality control and minimize any errors, therefore, reducing waste. The Lot Tracking module will enable you to track ingredients, follow work orders, trace batches and lot codes. This means that from the moment materials and/or ingredients are received, baked in production, shipped and finally delivered you have total control. Manage all your packing needs for all your products and easily identify where you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Each new year is met with excitement and anticipation and so start 2019 the right way, manage your growth while reducing waste with FlexiBake.


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