If you are STILL using excel, it’s time to move your business online and switch to ERP. With the new hardships in the world today, being able to work remotely is more important then ever. ERP software is basically an excel sheet on steroids, it’s faster, more accurate, easier to maintain, and does so much more than your typical excel spreadsheet. There are hundreds of reasons ERP is the better choice for your business – but we’ll just name a few.

Switch to ERP, Save Time

Don’t you wish the clock had an extra 10 hours? No matter how much time we have throughout the day, it never seems to be enough. Why add to the long list of things you have to do? Above all else, making the switch to ERP saves you time. At first, you’ll need to do the initial setup, then just let the system take over the extra thinking and planning of your current workflow. You’ll be surprised with how much data is available at the touch of a button.

It Does the Thinking for You

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone do all the thinking for you? Well, switch to ERP to make your dreams come true. Using ERP means you have 24/7 access to measuring profitability and productivity on the fly, and in real-time. It only makes sense to run your business in the most efficient way possible!

More Time Invested Elsewhere

What do you get when you mix saved time and real-time data collection? You get the opportunity to go further. Switch to ERP and watch your time spent calculating margins turn into time spent researching your sales trends. Take the time spent calculating Joe’s productivity and spend it looking into a new product and how it might preform.
Whether or not to switch to ERP just boils down to what you want to spend your time on. We can’t make the choice for you – but if we could I think you know what we’d choose.