Allocate the correct lot numbers used to fulfill your orders with our FIFO method

What if I told you, you could manage something as delicate as traceability or lot tracking using a DSD app? MetriX DSD is our direct store delivery app, made for drivers and links directly into FlexiBake. The app allows your drivers to easily take their orders on the road with their smart phone or tablet. They can view the locations, delivery instructions, truck inventory, orders, customer info and more! A great way to make sure your orders run smoothly, and everything is recorded correctly – is it to do it in real time. Not only is the MetriX DSD app a huge benefit for your drivers directly, it is also beneficial for your lot tracking (traceability) accuracy.

Let’s start with the basics, if you want lot tracking (traceability) you need to track your product inventory. We understand as a bakery you will usually be using first in, first out to keep your products the freshest. FlexiBake and MetriX DSD have been designed with the FIFO method to match your bakery processes. When the orders are confirmed on the app and finalized, they will be taken out of Inventory.

Be able to track product inventory with our DSD app

After all deliveries are completed and your driver gets back to your facility, they’re able to make some last-minute notes. Once they’re finished, they can post all invoices, updating your inventory numbers automatically in the process. This means that your raw materials are consumed in FIFO during production, and your products are consumed in FIFO after deliveries, so lot tracking (traceability) is completely available.

Conduct product recalls

The last piece of the puzzle is actually pulling a recall report – which takes less than 15 seconds (see our article here). This will do all the data mining for you based on either a raw material code, or receiving date, or your own batch numbers. It means that conducting recalls, audits, or applying for certifications (HACCP, BRC, SQF, etc.) is made easy while still keeping the time saving tools you love like the MetriX DSD (Direct Store Delivery) app.

If you would like to learn more about FlexiBake’s other lot tracking (traceability) tools or more about DSD, request a demo today.