This will be FlexiBake’s 5th time attending the best tradeshow for the Baking and Food Manufacturing Industry, IBIE. With over 12 years of experience, we’ve found that the IBIE offers the most comprehensive group of equipment, ingredient, packaging, supplies, services, and distribution suppliers in the industry. We highly suggest checking it out this year, in Las Vegas from September 17 – 21, 2022.

With all the excitement of the up and coming IBIE 2022 Tradeshow, it gets tough to remember all the necessary prep work. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a short list of must-do’s before you hop on the plane to Las Vegas this September:

Pre-register for IBIE

On day one, when you first arrive at the IBIE 2022, you will be excited and ready to go. The last thing you will want to do is stand in line for up to an hour waiting to get registered for the show. Click here to register now!

Plan out your goals for IBIE 2022

While bakery industry trade shows can be a lot of fun and a great place to network, when they are as big as IBIE, they can also be overwhelming. It’s a good idea to choose some goals for your time at the IBIE 2022 to make sure you get as much bang for your buck (and time!). We suggest making primary and secondary goals. That way you can plan your days around your primary goals but if you find you have more time and energy than expected, start working on those secondary goals. Some examples of primary and secondary goals could be:

Primary IBIE Goals

  • Gather information and have a consultation with the available software vendors (Booth #6546 for FlexiBake Bakery Software)
  • Attend 3 informative seminars, demonstrations, and/or discussions
  • Research the pro’s and con’s of an industry specific ERP software

Secondary IBIE Goals

Plan your visiting route

Now that you have chosen your goals, you should plan out each day you are spending at the IBIE to make sure you fit everything in. This would include:

Schedule time with vendors

Some products, like software, are in high demand which may mean that the vendors could be extremely busy during the show. If you are interested in personalized consultations and demonstrations with these vendors, it is a good idea to contact them in advance and book time with a product adviser.

To book a live demonstration of FlexiBake and our new MetriX Lite product (booth #6546) at the IBIE, you can use our demonstration signup page and specify the day and time you would like your demo. Please keep in mind that if a date outside of show dates (September 18th to 21st) is chosen, then FlexiBake will be demonstrated online.

Don’t pack last minute

The IBIE is a big trade show and it is important to be as prepared as possible. Packing last minute will usually mean important items are left behind, so here is a list of some very important items to double check and make sure you have before leaving for the show:

  • A pen and a note pad, even those with best of memories aren’t going to be able to keep it all in their heads
  • 2 pairs of comfortable shoes, walking around 700,000 sq. ft is not an easy task to begin with and wearing uncomfortable shoes will ruin the experience
  • Bring business cards, there will be a lot of networking and forms to fill out
  • Print out an exhibit map
  • Leave room in your bag for show swag and literature

Book a room in a hotel on the monorail

The IBIE is located in Las Vegas in the beginning of September. According to the average temperature during the month of September is a high of 95° F (35° C) and a low of 66° F (19° C). That means if you have to leave the comfort of the air condition in the morning, you could arrive at the show with a puddle behind you. If you stay at a hotel with a monorail stop, you will never have to stand outside in long taxi, uber, or shuttle lines up!