Why is Q1 the best time to apply for software grants? When February and March roll around, you have a grace period between the hurdle of the new year and tax season. This is the time to prioritize your year ahead and apply for grants that can help you build a better, more efficient workflow. Software grants in particular offer a unique opportunity to build your company’s digital infrastructure and streamline your needs.

Apply for Software Grants Right Now

Software grants often run out of money quickly so it’s important to apply as soon as the year starts for a better chance of being accepted while there are still funds available. Getting a head start on the year also means you’ll set yourself up for success early on. When you apply for software grants, you are giving yourself a win-win scenario. Having assistance to pay for a new software means you are getting your return on investment very quickly, and you won’t need to dramatically rearrange any budgets you’ve planned ahead for the year! It is one small step after another that leads you into being your most efficient selves in a fast-paced world.

After You’ve applied for a Software Grant

Now that you’ve applied and are waiting to hear back about the grant, you can start investigating which software will be best for your business. Q1 is the perfect time to apply for software grants, but it is also the perfect time to start an Implementation. With FlexiBake, we project a 12-week timeline for Implementation. That means by the time tax season is over, your new software system will be up and running as well! You can start fresh with customer accounts and have an organized, efficient place to collect data for 2021.

Lot Tracking Software Grants are Very Common

It’s not hard to see that one small change can lead to huge improvements down the road. Getting your journey started by applying for a software grant can lead to a world of possibilities. One of the major benefits of FlexiBake is our Lot Tracking functionality. Long gone are the days of spending hours trying to track down a recall. FlexiBake tracks your inventory from the beginning raw material lot numbers, all the way to shipment! With a few clicks of a button, you can pull up a recall in seconds.

It is no secret that when you apply for software grants, you can kick start a better business for you in 2021. We believe that Q1is the perfect time to get started! If you have any questions about FlexiBake, please contact a sales rep today.