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Optimizing Bakery Production Scheduling with Bakery Software

At FlexiBake, we understand how important proper production scheduling is to ensuring that your bakery is running at optimal efficiency. That is why we offer bakery software options for optimizing bakery production scheduling that can help reduce the time it takes to plan production, while also seamlessly linking your sales orders with your production schedule. […]

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Bakery Software: The Importance of Food Nutrition Labels

Categories: Food Labels

Food nutrition labels are an important part of any food products packaging, as it informs you about the number of calories and nutrients contained in each serving portion. At FlexiBake, we understand the importance of food nutrition labels, and how they can help you follow a healthy diet, while also making it easier to choose […]

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ERP Software: 5 Ways ERP Software Can Benefit Bakeries

Categories: ERP Software

No matter what size of bakery you own, it is important to try to obtain maximum productivity by ensuring minimal waste of resources and the best profit margin. At FlexiBake, we know that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the perfect system to do this because it integrates each part of the manufacturing process to […]

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Still Trying to do Food Recalls Using A Book?

We work with a lot of business and many of them struggle with rules and regulations regarding food safety and recalls. Many people still try to conduct “mock” or real recalls using their old, production books. There are numerous reason why this is a terrible idea, but here are our top five issues with recalls […]

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5 Reasons You Need an On-site Implementation

On-site implementations are the best option for a business that’s looking to successfully implement a new ERP and get a quick return on investment. If you haven’t looked into on-site training for your new ERP system, here are the top 5 reasons we suggest purchasing an on-site implementation. You’ve never implemented an ERP system before […]

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Why Choose On-site Training?

We’ve had a lot of people start choosing our on-site training option, here’s why. With today’s distracted world of smart phones, watches, tablets, and other devices, the idea that your whole team would be alert and engaged during an online webinar may feel unrealistic. Having a trainer on-site, conducting training and interactive activities for 3-10 […]

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4 Reasons to Stick with Your Accounting System

Categories: Accounting

FlexiBake integrates with most commercial accounting packages and we are constantly adding and updating more integrations. Over the years we have had many people ask why we don’t write our own accounting system, but we don’t believe it would be fair to our customers. If we offered an in-house accounting system, all our customers around […]

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Interviewed for Sustainability by Going Paperless

Categories: In The News

FlexiBake’s Wayne Ortner was interviewed by Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery about how FlexiBake can aid in the Food Industry’s sustainability movement by going paperless. Read the blog article here: or Check out the magazine article here:

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Changes to the QuickBooks Integration

Categories: Press Release

FlexiBake has had a QuickBooks Integration since the beginning, although that integration has changed over time. We are pleased to announce that with this month’s release we now offer the ability to export purchase order information into QuickBooks! We have always shared invoice, credit note, and payment details with QB, and now your accounts payable information can […]

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