IBIE 2019 was filled with energy, education, and great people!

We hope you all had a chance to visit our team at the FlexiBake IBIE 2019 booth, above is a photo of the team members representing FlexiBake. As the craziness of this year’s show starts to wind down, exhibitors and attendees alike settle back into every day life for just a few weeks before the holiday season truly begins.

Here is a short recap of what was going on at FlexiBake’s booth during the four day event in Las Vegas:

Day 1 – Even with New Hours, IBIE 2019 Flew By

With the new hours Day 1 started bright and early at 9am! The first day was extremely busy, our team on the floor was non-stop with many on-site demonstrations of our bakery software, DSD app, and Online Ordering Portal, along with meetings and discussions. By the end of Day 1 the gang was buzzing with excitement and looking forward to what was in store for Day 2.

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Day 2 – Online Ordering: Fad or Future?

Day 2 was just as busy, if not busier than Day 1 with hundreds of new and familiar faces stopping by the booth! Company Founder and President, Brad Carney, & Senior Product Consultant, Wayne Ortner, hosted an education seminar that had a great turnout! Included in the seminar was the impact online ordering is having on bakeries. From the way the orders are taken to customer service expectations. A few main points covered were: what is online ordering? Is it a fad or the future? What does it take for a wholesale manufacturer to implement? What are the main results we can expect? There were a few question and answer periods where attendees took full advantage of getting their questions answered both in regards to the industry and FlexiBake specifically.

Day 3 – Receiving our IBIE 2019 Best In Baking award

On Day 3 our team was presented with our B.E.S.T. In Baking award for the second year in a row! A couple members of the FlexiBake team were interviewed for the B.E.S.T. In Baking program, this was a great opportunity to help spread awareness about the campaign. It was another busy day, and we had a ton of customers stop by our booth to say hello. The amount of positive feedback we heard from each and every one was fantastic!

Day 4 – Wrap Up

The last day at IBIE was bitter sweet, we still had lots of interested people visiting right up until the end of the day. Shout out to a few of our awesome customers for taking the time to sit down and hang out at our booth, sharing ideas for the best ways to use some of FlexiBake’s tools! Packing up our booth and leaving for good at the end of the day was hard as we had met so many wonderful people and become very comfortable in our booth. Since returning to our Vancouver office, we’ve been able to share all our great stories with the rest of the team and everyone is very excited to see what comes from the successes at IBIE 2019.

Thank you so much to all who visited us, we hope to hear from you soon!

The FlexiBake IBIE 2019 Team

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