As the leader in bakery software, FlexiBake is excited to attend the IBIE 2022 bakery trade show. According to the official IBIE website, the International Baking Industry Exposition held in Las Vegas is one of the largest grain-based food industry trade shows in the USA. The show happens every three years and there are more than 20,000 food manufacturing professionals who attend from over 100 countries.

The IBIE 2022 bakery trade show has a lot to offer with nearly 1,000 manufacturers and suppliers all conducting demonstration, classes, seminars, talks and networking events for 4 days. We will be exhibiting at IBIE 2022 so come find us at booth #6546, below are the answers to some FAQs about IBIE.

When is the International Baking Industry Exposition?

This year the IBIE 2022 bakery trade show will be held from September 18th-21. The show hours can be found on the IBIE website or by following this link:

Where is the bakery trade show?

The IBIE 2022 is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Why should you attend?

There are many reasons to attend a large scale industry trade show like IBIE 2022, such as: networking, meeting your suppliers in person, and learning about new technologies. Here are some of the events and opportunities IBIE 2022 is offering:

Bakery Software Demonstrations

  • FlexiBake Ltd. is offering on site demonstrations, drop by our booth #6546 for special offers of our new MetriX Lite product!

Bakery Classes

  • Have you been in the baking industry for less than 10 years? Then the Business of Baking for Beginners on September 17 is for you! You can read more by clicking the following link:


  • Come by booth #6546 to meet some of the FlexiBake team!
  • Other networking opportunities at IBIE 2022 include: the Rockin’ Pint Night, the Artisan Marketplace, Best In Baking Industry Awards, the Virtual Bakery Tours, Sanitation Pavilion, the Innovation Showcase, IBIEducate sessions, Tiptree World Bread Awards USA and more. Read about the show features by following the link:

Bakery Software Competitions

  • FlexiBake is hosting a lot tracking and recall competition where you can watch two people attempt to receive inventory, schedule production, allocate ingredients, ship an order, and then conduct a recall using two methods of data tracking.
  • Other competitions include Cake decorating, the Great American Pie Festival, and more.

IBIE 2022 bakery trade show is definitely the place to be this September. If you haven’t already registered, follow the link below to register for the show today!